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Why I’m Not Your Average Dog Walker

My name is Seth and I am owner/operator of Bones, Hugs, and Harmony Pet Care. Your premier independent Seattle dog walker and pet sitter with an environmental and health conscious approach! I am an animal advocate and have a passion for helping animals. So why pick me as your Seattle dog walker when there are so many to choose from? It’s easy to love animals and walk dogs, right? You will see early on that I offer an unsurpassed level of dedication, compassion, and experience.

To make sure I can provide the highest quality care, I read books on ethical science-based dog training and attend seminars from world-renowned modern trainers and dog behaviorists that hold Ph.D.’s in animal behavior. I am Licensed/Insured and Pet CPR/First Aid Certified. Educating myself on the pet food industry and holistic integrative veterinary practices is another passion of mine and I closely follow the leading veterinarians of these fields for great resources on safer and natural treatments, therapies, etc. Additionally, I am a member of The Pet Professional Guild which gives me access to a wealth of modern science based dog training and behavior!

Do you need to worry about different employees or independent contractors every few months? No way! Every pet at Bones, Hugs & Harmony is always cared for by only me. I know how hard it is to be away from your best friend, so I provide photos and updates after every visit if requested.

Sure, I give treats and belly rubs just like every other Seattle dog walker but it takes much more than that to ensure your fur children have the highest quality of life. I offer group walks which provide your pup with socialization and exercise without the negative aspects/risks of the dog park. Generally your pup will have fun with 1-2 others but never more than 3. I keep the group walk limit low so I can reduce risks and ensure each pup still gets personalized attention from me as well as giving them freedom to sniff around and engage in mental stimulation. Group walks often turn into puppy playdates contained in a sizeable fenced in backyard.

I thoroughly vet each pup’s behavior through walks and play before considering who would be good pup partners. Have a reactive pup? No problem! I would take them on private leashed walks. I give the pups choices on their walk without reinforcing unwanted behaviors. It’s important for the dogs to be dogs and have FUN! Another added benefit of group walks/play dates is the complimentary additional time outside of their house.

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Be sure to check out my numerous likes and five-star reviews on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Yelp. You will find I am the most recommended Seattle dog walker and pet sitter on the Nextdoor app, a popular national network app for the local community. I also won the 2019 Best Seattle Dog Walker award by Expertise and Yelp recipient award in 2017! I am confident your fur baby will be extremely grateful you chose me as their Seattle dog walker! Read more about me…

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Seattle Dog Walking

$30 for 30 minutes. Each dog from same household add $10. Physical and mental stimulation are critical to your pups well being! Massages and positive reinforcement included!

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Satisfied Clients

Daniel B.

seattle dog walker

As soon as Seth met our pup Alfie, we could tell it was a love connection. Alfie adores Seth–and so do we, because we know whenever he’s in Seth’s care he couldn’t be in better hands. Seth is extremely knowledgeable about dog behavior. He’s careful about introducing his dogs to one another, and Alfie has made some good buds because of it.

Seth is observant and conscientious and a great communicator. We hate not being able to take care of Alfie during the day, but begrudgingly acknowledge that he probably has more fun with Seth and his dog friends anyway.

Daniel, Alfie's Dad

Annie H.

seattle dog walker

We are so happy that we found Seth to take care of our little puppy Ada!! Seth has provided consistently exceptional dog-walking services. Some of the things we love about working with him: he sends updates every day after their walk with adorable photos, he is very observant if something seems different or new with our pup, he has given our pup the opportunity to socialize with other dogs (we attribute much of her calm demeanor to the time she spends with Seth, and he is flexible and accommodating to our crazy work schedules. (and he has the most cleverly named business!) I would recommend his services highly to any pet owner. Our pup loves Seth, and so do we!

Annie, Ada's Mom

Kim C.

seattle dog walker

If Seth could be paid in happy dog wiggles, he would be a millionaire. Melian (our Weimaraner) literally jumps for joy when Seth arrives. I think it had everything to do with our initial visit; he sat down in our living room floor and got to know Melian in her world, on her terms. After that, she was sold. We have had several dog walkers for Melian over the years, and Seth is the only one that she waits for at the door.

On a personal note, I truly appreciate Seth’s professionalism and his knowledge of dog behavior. The organic treats, biodegradable doggie bags, and behavior modification training for our over-exuberant girl are an unexpected bonus, and I learn something new every time I talk to him. We are looking forward to trying out his dog excursions and pet sitting in the future.

Kim, Melian's Mom

Kelsie F.

seattle dog walker

We’ve been using Seth regularly for a couple months now and feel completely comfortable with our dogs in his care. He’s been walking the dogs weekly and was happy to walk the dogs daily when we left for a month on our honeymoon. You can tell Seth is extremely knowledgeable about dogs and really enjoys what he does. He does dog walking/sitting full time so you know that he is really invested in caring for your pets, not just doing it for some extra money. My dogs can be difficult to walk but you could tell he was comfortable. I feel like they are generally calmer and better behaved since they’ve been getting walked by Seth. So glad we came across him!

Kelsie, Hunter & Cleo's mom

Taylor D.

seattle dog walker

If I could give Seth 10 stars, I would do it in a heartbeat! Seth is the one and only person we found (after a TON of searching) who we felt 100% comfortable leaving with our hyper-sensitive, fear-aggressive maltipin. Our pooch throws a fearful/aggressive fit at anyone who enters our home, no matter how many times they visited, but after just three weeks of daily visits, she was jumping for joy and kisses every time he showed up. He is remarkably skilled at reading dogs’ cues and very patient.

Our dog has become a noticeably happier pup since she started having play dates with Seth, and he’s even been able to socialize her with some other furry ones (she did NOT like other dogs, previously). Seth texts us detailed updates and photos every day and meets all of the tedious requests we make. He’s truly one of those people meant to work with animals. I would absolutely recommend him, especially for those who need/want special care for their four-legged family member. Happy to provide more details to anyone who wants a reference.

Taylor D., Gia's Mom