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Bones, Hugs, and Harmony was started in early 2016 but I have been working with dogs in a professional or volunteer capacity since 2013. I am licensed and insured with Pet Sitters Associates. Safety is very important to me and I am Pet CPR and First Aid Certified. I originally moved to Seattle in 2004 and absolutely love calling Seattle home!

I was a bark buddy/dog handler at the SPCA. On multiple occasions, I was asked to foster for the SPCA, and through this I gained experience in general care and medical treatment of dogs, as well as puppy care. I specialized in caring for dogs with abusive pasts, which is how I met my dog Bentley. While at the SPCA, I attended classes from regionally respected trainers, and also attended play group sessions. During this, I was constantly learning through spending time with a vast array of different sizes and breeds of dogs.

I previously volunteered at Seattle Humane working in the dog behavior and socialization program. I am comfortable and have had good success with dogs that typically don’t do as well with men. I am experienced in dog walking as well as knowledgeable about canine body language and cues. I find that socializing with the animals is not only therapeutic for them, but also for me!

Positive reinforcement techniques have been proven to be the most ethical and effective methods of training and this is how I work with your precious pups. Clicker training will also be incorporated as a positive reinforcement method. Health is wealth and I am a big believer in the saying “you are what you eat.” Health is gained through quality food so I will be striving to give only organic or high quality ingredient treats to your furry kids. I recommend watching the documentary PET FOOLED on this subject, now available on Netflix. Environmental awareness is also important, and I will be using waste bags with a low carbon footprint.

My background was in the food service and security industries but my passion is being able to help, and spend time with, animals. I’ve always loved animals and grew up with dogs in the household throughout my whole childhood. I have always had a strong bond with animals, which shows in my compassion and love while caring for them. It also influenced my choice to live a vegan lifestyle. Please contact me for a complimentary 30 minute consultation and you will see how great and comfortable I am with your fur babies!

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