Benefits of Force Free Dog Walking

two dogs ready for a walk

Walking your dog is an excellent way to increase your dog’s welfare! A dog’s world is so small as it is, they don’t have internet, TV, or a car to drive around and explore the world. They rely on us for everything. It’s important to get your dog daily exercise as well as new sights and smells. Your dog should not be punished for being a dog. The science and experts with PhD’s in animal behavior agree that you should only use reward based methods, regardless of the breed, behavior, or temperament. Read more info on what the science has proven.

It is our responsibility to teach them what to do in a humane force free way. Using force free methods undoubtedly strengthens the bond between you and your dog. I recommend going to new places to walk so your dog has new areas to explore. Daily dog walking is extremely important but mental stimulation is just as crucial. I fulfill this need on their walks by giving them nose work, they call these kinds of walks sniffaris or decompression walks. Letting dogs sniff and forage for food has proven to lower their stress. Whenever dogs smell they take in new information, so imagine how much information they take in if you hide/throw treats in tall grass or some soft bushes. They are sniffing to find the treats as well as getting stimulated through all that new information they receive.

There is a misnomer that giving dogs choices can increase their anxiety. That is not what the science has proven. I will make sure your dog has choices and can fulfill natural instincts. I can reinforce behaviors you want repeated and not reinforce “problem” behaviors all through the wonders of force free handling! I also incorporate recall work and basic cues like “touch”. I can show you how to mark their good behavior and this ensures they repeat that desired behavior.

Dogs are sentient beings who deserve to have their needs met. Dog walking and mental stimulation are two essentials for this; with me they will get both!