Please Read Through Before Meeting

1) If you want me to use prong/shock/choke collars or plan to use them while I am not there and am not open to switching methods, I will not be able to provide my services. Dogs skin is much more sensitive. (Click Here For Source) These fear and punishment methods often lead to other behavioral problems down the road, most notably aggression. There are other ways to deal with leash pulling. Finding a Positive Reinforcement/Modern trainer and using a high quality harness are great alternatives. I realize some harnesses may seem to make the pulling worse and this is why I would only recommend a high quality harness. I have many more resources regarding this, please message if interested. (Why Prong Collars Hurt)  (Myths and Facts about Prongs)

2) Payment is due in advance at 1 month intervals. If scheduling varies you can pay for 2 weeks in advance. If you would like to guarantee a day/time more than 1 month in advance that is available. Appointments are guaranteed as soon as I receive payment for said services.

3) Cash is preferred and I also accept check. 

4) 24-hour cancellation is required for dog walking and drop in visits. Client will be charged 100% of the cost for service.

5) Pet sitting appointments require a deposit at the time of booking that will count toward your pet sitting balance. This deposit is refundable if the appointment is canceled 7 days prior to the start date. Cancellations after 7 days notice will be charged 50% of the cost for service.

6) Provide a photocopy of your pets city license and shot records. You can also email me the picture of your records if that is easier. If your pup is not up to date on shots please notify me to discuss further. Please titer before over vaccinating!

7) If you decide to book my services, please complete the meet and greet information form before first appointment. (Click Here for Information Form)

8) I need a minimum of a 3 hour window to get to your fur babies. For example, if you want me to walk your dog at 11am, but I could come as early as 10am or as late as 1pm, the window would be 10am-1pm. The window can be larger than 3 hours, that is just the minimum. If you have a specific time you need your pups walked then contact me to discuss further.

9) Contact me if you do not want me to share your pups pictures on my business Facebook and Instagram page.

10) Please be sure to have a towel near the door for me to dry off your wet pupperinos!

11) I recommend 3 walks or more per week.

12) If your pup has a prior history of aggression and/or biting don’t worry! Walks would still be available. Just be sure to let me know and we can go from there.