Reasons to Hire a Force Free Dog Walker

happy dog ready for dog walker

I will not use any method that has been proven to lessen animal welfare and lead to other behavioral issues down the road. This means no yelling, no “corrections” (you can reinforce good behavior and discourage bad behavior without resorting to this) no prong/choke/shock or e collars, no yanking on their collar, no forcing them to sit, no forcing them into uncomfortable situations, etc. What does force free handling mean?

A force free dog walker will be guaranteed to have a good understanding of animal behavior and how best to handle your fur baby. I will encourage your dog to be a dog and have fun! I will reward them for good choices and behavior! I can reinforce behaviors we want repeated through force free methods and we can also give them different options as to not reinforce behavior you don’t want repeated.

Force free walkers are a valuable resource when you have questions about training and other issues that might effect your dog’s welfare.

Here are some benefits to force free training.